I realized while drafting a new post that I throw a lot of terminology around, and have to stop a lot to define whatever it is I just said. This not only breaks up the flow of the post; it also brings up the dilemma of how to address terms I keep using. Either I have to assume—probably wrongly—that whoever is reading a given post has already read whatever post I introduced that word or name in, or just knows the term already, or I have to define it every single time, which really bogs things down, both for me writing, and for my regular readers who already know what I’m talking about. Being an engineer, I did what engineers do best, and designed a solution to address this problem: a definitions page. This page is where I will define any names or terms I expect to use a lot. Anytime I use these terms in any future posts (effective today, October 26, 2012) I will try to remember to link to this page. (If I forget and you run across a term that sounds like it should be here, but is without a link, check this page anyways, because it might be here. Also, if you’d be so kind as to drop a comment about it on the post, I will get it fixed ASAP. The same goes if I throw out a term along these lines and forget to define it here at all.) This way, anyone who has no idea what I’m talking about or needs a refresher can easily look it up, anyone who already understands can keep reading without a break in train of thought, and I only have to explain it once. Everyone wins.

New Life Christian Fellowship (NLCF)
The campus congregation that I am involved in at Virginia Tech. If you want to know more, check out their website.
130 Jackson
Located at 130 Jackson St, the building that NLCF rents just on the edge of campus is known as “130 Jackson,” or sometimes just “Jackson Street.” While it is too small for the morning service, which meets in an auditorium in the student center, it is where the 707, the evening service, meets. We also use it for other meetings and events throughout the week.
Engage Groups
A new way to look at “homegroups,” “small groups,” “Bible studies,” or whatever it is they’re called in your church community, NLCF’s Engage Groups are designed from the ground up to be missional. Centered around common interests—like intramural sports or video games—locations—such as some of the dorms on campus—or groups of people—like freshman and sophomores—their goal is to bring together not just a random group of people, but people who have this commonality and have a heart for others like them. This group of people becomes a “family on mission,” who do weekly Bible studies and grow closer to God and each other, but who also intentionally reach out to people outside of NLCF who share this commonality. I help lead the International Culture Engage Group, a group of people who want to see the gospel preached to the nations, at Virginia Tech. In other words, our focus is on the community of international students here. Our goals are to be a blessing to them in their transition to the US, both by helping out in practical ways and by being a welcoming family to them, to show them the love of Christ, and ultimately, hopefully, to see some of them join us in the kingdom of God.